Wall sandwich panels

In architecture, composite panels are a relatively new department, but despite this fact they have become a hit on the market. Fast installation process, low construction costs and high technical parameters of such elements as composite wall panels encourage more and more investors.

Wall composite panels - modern technology

Building with composite panels consists in combining them in order to compose a block of a building. Composite wall panels offered by our company are characterized by high insulation parameters and thermal resistance. In addition, they provide an attractive appearance of the object and a large selection of color variants.

Top quality material

"The composite wall panel owes its success to:
  • strong construction,
  • a mechanically robust frame,
  • insulation core with high thermal resistance.
Classic composite wall panels come with a choice of two insulation cores. By choosing the classic one you will gain excellent fire parameters, long life and high heat transfer coefficient. The IPN core, on the other hand, will provide us with higher mechanical resistance properties and a higher heat transfer coefficient."

Wall composite panel - investment for years

If you decide on composite panels, you should pay attention to both their type and the core used. It will determine the strength of the structure and the level of thermal insulation of the building.
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